HTML tags and CSS attributes allowed for Buyer-Seller Messages

You can use the following HTML tags and CSS attributes in your buyer-seller messaging.


This is a complete list of allowed HTML tags. Amazon will remove any tag not present on this list. However, we will preserve the element's subtree in the output document. The one exception is <FORM>, which will be stripped, but the FORM's subtree will be included in our output document.

a cite h2 p tfoot
abbr code h3 pre th
acronym col h4 small thead
address colgroup h5 span tr
b dd h6 strike tt
big div hr strong u
blockquote dl html sub ul
body dt i sup
br em img table
caption font li tbody
center h1 ol td

CSS Attributes

This is a complete list of allowed CSS attribute values. Any CSS value appearing in an inline style attribute which is not in this list will be discarded.

background-color font-family list-style-type
border font-size table-layout
border-collapse font-style text-align
border-spacing font-variant text-decoration
caption-side font-weight vertical-align
clear height white-space
color letter-spacing width
float line-height word-spacing
empty-cells list-style-position